Rainmaker Translations supports a series of books that encourage a lively reading experience of contemporary world literature drawn from diverse languages and cultures. A collaboration between BMI and esteemed publishers Archipelago Books, New Directions, and ECCO/HarperCollins, the series aims to bring the world's best contemporary literature into translation in the United States.

Beginning with its first two titles in spring 2005, the consortium publishes one to two translations each year under Rainmaker Translations, a joint BMI/publisher imprint. The consortium's goal is to help ease what the National Endowment for the Arts cites as a "crisis" in publishing in this country.

That conclusion was based on an NEA study that found publishers reluctant to undertake translations due to their high cost. As a result, translations represent less than two percent of all literary publishing in this country, compared to more than fifty percent in Europe, where publishers enjoy healthy government subsidies. Rainmaker Translations thus addresses the real factors behind the lack of translations in this country by subsidizing the costs of translation and marketing of works chosen jointly by the consortium. With Rainmaker Translations, Black Mountain aims to transfer important political and social ideas between cultures, thus promoting deeper awareness and understanding. Already, Black Mountain has leveraged its stewardship of City of Asylum to bring the works of some of its resident writers to an American audience.

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Gerbrand Baker's The TwinGerbrand Baker's The Twin
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