The Gatekeeper - Joyce Carol Oates
Wood engravings and design by Barry Moser
Printing by Bradley Hutchinson at Digital Letterpress
Binding and housing by Jace Graf at Cloverleaf Studio
Signed by the author and artist | 2003
Deluxe. Edition of 125.
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The Gatekeeper - Joyce Carol Oates
The Gatekeeper- Joyce Carol Oates The Gatekeeper is the compelling first chapter from The Falls, a novel by one of America's most important writers, Joyce Carol Oates. Set in Hermann Zapf's Zapf Renaissance and printed on paper handmade by Cartiere Enrico Magnani in Pescia, Italy, the book was designed and illustrated by Barry Moser. The Gatekeeper features seven original woodcuts by Moser, including a portrait of Oates and two stunning full-page fold-out leaves. Bound in blue pebbled morocco quarter-leather and ice blue silk over boards, the book comes enclosed in a drop-spine clamshell box, also clad ice blue silk and mounted with a blue morocco label on its spine.
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