Coffeehouse Days - Ismail Kadare
Translated by Pirro Dollani
Photomontages, design, and printing by
Peter Koch at Peter Koch, Printers
Binding by John De Merritt, Bookbinder
Metal box fabrication by G. and L. Manufacturing
Signed by the author and designer | 2005
Deluxe. Edition of 125.
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Coffeehouse Days - Ismail Kadare
Coffeehouse Days - Ismail Kadare Translated for the first time into English, Rainmaker Editions' Coffeehouse Days is a witty and exuberant story from Man Booker International Prize-winning Albanian writer Ismail Kadare. Printed letterpress on Nideggen paper by Peter Koch, Printers, the text is set in a decayed version of Paul Renner's Futura designed especially for the edition by Christopher Stinehour. Coffeehouse Days features eleven original photomontages by Peter Koch, also printed letterpress, and is bound in black cloth and paper printed with antique wood types. The book comes enclosed in a distressed metal box silk-screened on its cover in black ink.
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