Spirit of the River - Russell Banks
Wood engravings and design by Barry Moser
Printing by Bradley Hutchinson at Digital Letterpress
Binding and housing by Jace Graf at Cloverleaf Studio
Signed by the author and artist | 2002
Deluxe. Edition of 26.
Regular. Edition of 399.
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Spirit of the River - Russell Banks
Spirit of the River - Russell Banks An original excerpt from The Darling, a new novel by author Russell Banks, Spirit of the River features three wood engravings by renowned artist Barry Moser. Moser also designed the book, which was printed letterpress from photopolymer plates by Bradley Hutchinson at Digital Letterpress. Set in Matthew Carter's Galliard, with display type in Forum and Ovidius, the text is printed on Magnani, a limited-edition paper manufactured by Cartiere Enrico Magnani in Pescia, Italy. The deluxe edition is housed in a linen-covered drop-spine box and features a quarter-leather case binding over linen boards. The case-bound, cloth-covered regular edition is enclosed by a black cloth and paper-covered slipcase. Both editions include a beautifully printed title label inlaid on the book's cover, and the deluxe edition features a printed leather spine.
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