BMI Video Archive

BMI is in the process of upgrading its video archive to be HTML5 compliant. However, at present, most of the archive still uses Adobe Flash video files and SWF video players. These files will be unplayable on most smartphones and tablets.

If you don't have the Flash plugin installed in your desktop or laptop browser, click here to install the free download. If you have Flash installed but the videos won't play, you most likely need to update your software. You may do so via the same link.

Video updates via email
BMI frequently adds videos to the archive, and we offer a news feed specifically designed to alert interested parties of video updates. To subscribe to this feed via email, use the link at right. To learn about BMI's other feeds and to subscribe via email, "Live Bookmark," or news reader, please visit BMI's "Feeds" page.

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BMI 5th Anniversary (2006-2011)
BMI video updates via email