Nexus is an archived radio show sponsored by BMI and UNLV's College of Urban Affairs and broadcast on KUNV. Hosted by Dina Titus, the show explores the links between campus and community, poetry and policy, fact and fiction, science and society, research and reality.

BMI has archived each episode of Nexus on its website. Those interested in exploring the Nexus archive, can do so using the links in the right column.

Additionally, interested parties can explore each episode of Nexus via iTunes. Download Apple's iTunes software (Mac & PC) for free. Then, look for the the Nexus entry in the iTunes podcast directory. Nexus can be found in the "Education" category, the "Higher Education" subcategory, and under the title "Nexus."

After downloading iTunes, or if you already have it installed, you can browse the archive by selecting "Advanced > Subscribe to Podcast" from the iTunes menu and posting the following url in the dialog box that appears:

If you prefer using another program or method to manage your podcasts and online audio, use the link above to access the raw XML feed.