How Writers Use Science: And Other Dispatches from BMI’s Faculty Fellows
With BMI/COLA Fall 2016 Faculty Fellows Elspeth Whitney & Denise Tillery
UNLV's Rogers Literature & Law (RLL) 101
Friday, April 28, 12 p.m


You're welcome to bring a sack lunch, and we will provide light refreshments.

Elspeth Whitney: Late medieval culture explored male sexuality and masculinity through literary and scientific discussions of personality types determined by inborn physiological characteristics, contributing to modern ideas of sexuality and gender stereotypes. This project examines the four male types, each identified with particular sexual and other behaviors, as they emerged in the writings of Chaucer and other late medieval writers.

Denise Tillery: My book is an in-depth study of how writers use science and scientific evidence as they create arguments about environmental topics. In this book, I investigate the questions of what role is played by scientific evidence in discourses about the environment, and how it can be used most effectively. Joining methods from critical discourse analysis and classical rhetorical theory, I also consider what narratives are interwoven through various environmental discourses, and how those narratives function to create, maintain, or challenge cultural authority and power.

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