BMI is able to bring premier literary arts programming and publications to Southern Nevada through the generous support of government arts agencies, corporations, and individuals. Our media partners further support BMI’s efforts to enrich our community’s cultural resources by underwriting our advertising and promotional materials.

Individual gifts are essential to furthering BMI’s arts activities, and we encourage you to consider a tax-deductible donation to the UNLV Foundation on the institute’s behalf.

Select list of key supporters
• Jim and Beverly Rogers & The Rogers Foundation
• Diana L. Bennett and the Bennett Family Foundation
• Robert and Diane Bigelow
• The Caesars Foundation
• Jeffrey and Tamika Clemons
• Jon Cobain
• Tom and Mary Gallagher & the Gallagher Family Foundation
• The Elias and Jody Ghanem Foundation
• Drs. Carol and Michael Harter
• The Houssels Family Foundation
• Chris Hudgins
• Irwin Kishner
• JoAnn and Michael Knapp
• The Library of Congress
• Anthony and Renee Marlon
• National Endowment for the Arts
• Nevada Public Radio
• Northwestern Mutual
• Ted and Maria Quirk
• Michael and Sonja Saltman
• Glenn Schaeffer
• Sunbelt Communications
• U.S. Department of Education
Diana L. Bennett, Scott Menke, and Carol C. HarterDiana L. Bennett, Scott Menke & Carol C. Harter